Wandering the Vines

Wandering the Vines

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It could be easy to see our return to the United States as the end of our journey since we aren’t wandering in foreign lands. But to say our wandering has ceased would be far from reality and what we feel ourselves living each day. Wandering and continuing to explore life’s journey is something that can be done anywhere, and at any moment.   A big part of our journeys over the past few years (even before the ‘big adventure’) has been focusing on the connections we make: taking time to connect with ourselves as we see and discover new things; the augmented connections with nature and our beautiful surroundings; and nurturing connections with people both familiar and previously unacquainted.

For the month of June we found ourselves wandering in a whole new way, unique to any experience we’ve had before. We landed on Quartz Hill Vineyard after a casual comment from months before.  As the month played out, it flowed together so well, it felt like it had been planned for a long time.  The skills we gained and used over the month were strikingly different from the skills we often utilized on the road, yet the underlying energy behind each day felt very much the same. While we were constantly focusing on the tasks at hand, we would also find ourselves pausing to soak in the moment and reality we found ourselves in at that instant. Sometimes it would be poking our heads out of the vine to watch the first rays of sunlight peek over the hillside; other times it would be gathering with several people at the end of a day to chop veggies while preparing a home-cooked meal.We were living, learning, connecting. We were still wandering, only in a slightly new way.

When you have wandered into something new and focused on staying connected with the environment around you for any length of time, it will impact you. You don’t have to travel across the world to experience this — the exploration and mental state of wandering or journeying doesn’t have to stop when you are ‘home’. We always encourage travel, but we also try to cultivate wandering as a lifelong practice. By doing so, we continue to open ourselves to the refreshing and new connections that surround us each day.

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