Two Bags & One Long Journey

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Our favorite thing to do… pack.

Packing has always been a huge pain in the booty — especially for Amanda.  While both of us have been training ourselves in the art of simplicity via limited storage and small living space in San Francisco apartments, trying to figure out what to pack when you are launching for an extended journey is still no small task.  In November we gave away and sold about 85% of our possessions.  We  distributed roughly another 10% in packed boxes to friends and family for storage.  The final step this past month (between checking off the other never-ending ‘To-Dos’ on our list) was to decide what we should bring with us to the start of having our lives in a bag.  We definitely referenced various other websites/blogs for other advise on what to pack for a long multi-country journey.  Since we are starting with winter in NYC (yep.. that means fun 34 degree F days) we were given an even greater challenge with our space limitations vs. packing warm clothing.

Traveling as a pair helps since we can share products and distribute some items between both bags.  Did we overpack? Probably… (at least for Amanda’s bag — but she is a girl so we will forgive her).  But that is ok.  Eventually we had to just decide what to bring based on the space we had and say “That’s it… let’s just go”.  We are sure our bag contents will morph and evolve along with our travels — and we can report back to you what really was used and was important along the way.

For now, if you are curious (which we know you all are) we took some time to get down to the nitty gritty and lay-out what we will carry with us for the next several months.



Ben’s Life in a Bag

The Bag:   Sierra Designs Revival 65 Backpack
The Bag cover:  Osprey Airporter Bag Cover (to protect the straps from getting caught /torn when checking the bag during air travel)


Click on Image to see Ben's Travel Bag Close Up
Click on Image to see Ben’s Travel Bag Close Up


  • 6 tee-shirts
  • 1 long sleeve Henley shirt
  • 1 long sleeve pullover
  • 1 short sleeve polo
  • 1 collared button down shirt
  • 1 windbreaker
  • 1 lightweight rain jacket
  • 1 Nike Dry Fit hoodie
  • 1 winter jacket (inexpensive from H&M since it will probably be donated along the way once weather is better)
  • 2 pairs jeans
  • 1 pair sweatpants
  • 1 pair convertible pant/short
  • 1 pair shorts
  • 1 pair swim trunks
  • 2 pairs travel underwear (Exoficio Boxer Briefs)
  • 8 pairs of socks
  • 1 beanie
  • 1 scarf
  • 1 pair fleece gloves
  • 1 pair sunglasses
  • 1 cycling cap
  • 1 pair running shoes/sneakers
  • 1 pair casual shoes
  • 1 pair flip-flops

Workout Clothes:

  • 2 workout tees
  • 2 pair shorts (one pair running shorts and athletic/sleep shorts)
  • 1 pair ear warmer headband



  • laptop (pre-backed up before leaving — for beginning of trip/ work purposes)
  • Wowee portable speaker  w/ USB cord (runner-up was the Beat By Dre Pill Speaker, it takes up more space but has amazing sound quality)
  • iPod Shuffle w/ charger and Brainwavz earbuds
  • Akai LPD8 Mini Controller (for playing on Ableton — great travel size)
  • 2 extra SD Cards (32 gig and 4 gig)
  • Sony Studio Monitor Headphones
  • Kindle E-Reader w/ case
  • GoPro w/ LCD screen attached, full coverage casing and skeleton casing, head-band attachment and post mount
  • iPhone 4 (we aren’t planning on having a phone plan abroad but can use the iPhone for photos and on WiFi networks)
  • international power converters


  • Moleskin notebook
  • head-lamp
  • bandana
  • money belt
  • emergency/rescue blanket (the aluminum kind you get after running a marathon)
  • 1 mini-laundry pack (50 sheets/washes) (and it’s only the size of a floss case!)
  • 1 mini travel emergency kit
  • collapsable water bottle
  • passport/Immunization Record
  • 1 wallet
  • Starbucks Via coffee packs

Amanda’s Life in a Bag

The Bag: Eagle Creek Travel Backpack/Luggage
(older style — not sure on exact model but this link was the only match I could find)

Favorite Site Referenced:  Travel Fashion Girl

Click on Image to see Amanda's Travel Bag Close Up
Click on Image to see Amanda’s Travel Bag Close Up

Basic Clothing Items:

  • 3 dresses  (two that are more casual but can be dressed up and one that is more dressy for a night on the town)
  • 2 long sleeve shirts/sweaters
  • 2 tees (one super comfy casual and one that can be dressed up a bit)
  • 5 tanks (two with built in bra support, all long and good for layering/varied outfits)
  • 1 pull over (semi-casual but can be used to dress up a tank outfit if needed)
  • 1 flesse
  • 1 water-proof/winter coat   (I brought a black Northface with a warm inner lining that looks good either casual or with a nicer outfit)
  • 3 pairs jeans (2 regular and one skinny — I opted to bring an extra pair of jeans instead of skirts or shorts)
  • 1 pair convertible pant/short
  • 1 pair capri yoga pants
  • 1 pair leggings (with dresses, running shorts, or anytime my leggys need some more warmth)
  • 1 beanie/toque
  • 2 pair gloves (one fingerless and one device friendly pair)
  • 1 scarf
  • 1 black spaghetti strap undershirt
  • 2 sports bras (as a side note DKNY Maximum Control Sports Bra is one of my all-time favorites for outstanding support for pretty much ANY activity/sport)
  • 2 regular bras (I brought one razor-back and one normal strap)
  • 1 hard shell cup protector bra case (great for protecting shape of bras — which I know all you ladies who need good support understand —  and enough room for undies, etc. )
  • 10 pairs of underwear (all comfortable but mix of coverage for varied outfits)
  • 5 pairs socks
  • 1 swim suit
  • 1 pair boots
  • 1 pair of up-dress sandals
  • 1 pair running shoes
  • 1 pair up-dress comfy flats
  • minimal jewelry to dress up outfits (2 necklaces, 1 bracelet, and one cheap gold band to be used as a fake wedding ring if needed)
  • sunglasses

Workout Clothing:

  • 1 long sleeve under-armor shirt (also could be worn as a normal long sleeve shirt)
  • 1 pair running shorts (also ‘sleep shorts’)
  • 1 workout tee
  • 2 mens undershirts/tanks (what I usually wear to work out in)
  • 1 pair ear warmer/head band


  • face cleanser (I brought Obagi travel size — my other top favorite is Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel travel size)
  • face moisturizer (Obagi travel size)
  • Dermalogica sunscreen booster (add small amount to moisturizer for SPF protection)
  • Dermalogica face cleanser wipes
  • make-up remover pads
  • Q-Tips
  • Maybelline mascara (my go-to — cheap but super effective)
  • favorite loose shimmer eye shadow
  • eye-lash curler (great to use for when I dont want to put makeup but looks like I kindda did)
  • 3 lash wands (free — the ones they use at makeup counters — great eyelash separators/mascara de-clumpers)
  • black eyeliner pencil w/ small sharpener
  • lip gloss
  • 4 disposable razors
  • toothpaste/toothbrush/floss
  • tweezers
  • nail clippers
  • hair-ties (lots and lots — I plan on wearing my hair up often)
  • comb & mini-hairbrush
  • hair mousse
  • mini-deodorant
  • Sea to Summit travel towel (medium and fun pink color)
  • diva-cup (great replacement for tampons, eco-friendly and highly recommended for all you ladies even if you aren’t traveling)
  • contacts (15 pairs) w/ one contact case and 3oz bottle of solution


  • 1 laptop (pre-backed up before leaving home — this will be our main laptop used for editing, working, etc.)
  • 1 laptop charger
  • 1 external hard-drive w/ USB cable
  • 1 iPod shuffle w/ charger and headphones
  • international power converters
  • 1 usb plug/charger


  • “Sparkle On” stickers (for spreading worldly love)
  • Travel Jornal for notes and memories
  • 1 pair ear plugs
  • extra pair back-up glasses w/ hard case
  • moleskin for blisters
  • Women’s Emergency Mini-Travel Kit (Sephora)
  • 1 mini-laundry pack (50 sheets)
  • Sharpie & normal pen
  • 2 decks cards (for Canasta)
  • head-lamp
  • passport/ extra photos (for visas if needed)/ Immunization Record
  • 2 cartons of Cigarettes (for Ricardo Ambruster-Seisdedos)
  • 1 pursette
  • 1 zip cardholder/wallet —> one debit card, two credit cards, ISID card, small amounts of cash



Let’s Just Go!

Bags Packed

*** Note:  We hyper-linked items we either sought-out for the trip or are currently stoked to have with us.  You can also keep track of our favorite items of the moment at the Things We Carry page ***