The Connection Reflection

The Connection Reflection

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One of the greatest joys of wandering is the people you meet along the way. While traveling the last couple years, we were able to take a step back and dis-connect from others and technology.  On many occasions we found ourselves strengthening our connection to nature, connecting to ourselves on a deeper level, and strengthening our connection to humanity as a whole through new daily acquaintances and newly-developed friendships. This new sense of connection in our lives allowed us to really explore ourselves and find joy in allowing the connection we were making guide our experience.

Since we’ve been back in North America, our lives and awareness have slowly transitioned from a primarily self-exploring, nomadic lifestyle–to a more integrated and semi-permanent part of different communities. Adjusting to this (along with the pace of life in the US) has been a process. As we prepare to depart to Burning Man tomorrow I couldn’t think of a better time to reflect on this concept and re-examine our connection to self, to others, to nature, and to technology.

This idea of ‘connection’ can be hard to define, like a sphere which can have an axis placed anywhere upon it.  Each of us are continuously gravitating from one part of the sphere to another. It can be easy to roll too far toward one axis, sliding into the social or tech and losing that strong connection to self or the natural world around us. Or if we slide too far in the other direction, we find ourselves losing our connection with others or boycotting technological advances, which can stunt our ability to learn, give, and grow.

Finding a balance within our sphere of connection can be difficult, and the ability to stay centered in our sphere of connection can challenge each of us in a different way. By becoming aware of where we are when we find ourselves tipping too far in one direction–at that moment we can slowly nudge ourselves back to center, back toward balance. It is from this centered place where we can truly shine, share, and be ourselves. By brining balance to your own world you also bring balance to the world around you.

In honor of wandering into the desert, this week we will take some time to shift our focus on our connection and to ask ourselves,

How have I connected today?

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