Landing in Oregon: Lewis & Clark Revisited

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Hey folks, we’ve been off the radar for about a week and a half, so here’s the scoop.  On Friday, Nov 30 we handed over our apartment keys and it all became real.  After turning in our keys, our landlord gave us a bottle of Cava (Spanish champagne) and wished us well.  From there we went into the Higher office in Oakland where Amanda’s working, to put in a couple hours and say goodbye to the folks there.  It turned out to also be the last day for the legendary “Prince Street House” in Berkeley where a bunch of Amanda’s closest Golden Bear friends had lived over a number of years, so we went by there as well, and could see that it really was the end of an era for us after 4-5 years in the Bay Area and the familiar landscapes changing as well.  So we moved on–Amanda, Ben and Laynee in a packed Suzuki Vitara on our way up to Mount Shasta, CA.

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We spent the weekend up there with her dad Steven and were able to see most of the “extended future family” that will be coming together with his Spring 2014 wedding.  Shasta and its folks treated us well: we had a large gathering, managed to get up to the snow on Mt Shasta and Bunny Flat (which Laynee may have disliked) checked out the impressive hand-built brewpub of home-brewers John and Zack, were able to re-shuffle our belongings and unload some items for Steve and Allyson.

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When Monday rolled around, we headed up to Oregon.  Family stops #2 & 3.  Amanda was able to connect with Uncle Curt while we were in Shasta.  He, Jane and the two enormous dogs had recently moved to Albany, Oregon, so we met them on the way and had a nice meal in Corvallis before heading up to the Portland Area.  We made it to Beaverton (which touches Portland) the same day, and spent the balance of the week with her grandma Barbara up there.  It was quiet, slow-paced, and Amanda was able to get a good deal of work done while we were there, and Barbara lives very conveniently close to a 24 Hour Fitness gym and RedBox movie rental, so you know how we spent the week. Aside from an afternoon in Portland at the Aveda Institute and catching up with Dan Merriman, we stayed in Beaverton.

On Friday the 7th, we made the drive out to the Oregon coast.  Gearhart is very quiet, especially as most of the places in the neighborhood are 2nd homes, so no traffic.  It’s amazing how far away Christmas consumption can be when you aren’t watching TV, going to stores, and don’t have neighbors.  So for now it’s just the two of us, two dogs, and the ocean.  Not too shabby!

Check out the photos of our first couple steps of the nomadic life and the funny video of Laynee deciding she might not like snow life!