Winding Down and Ramping Up!

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Time to get this blog up and running!  October and November have represented  months of initial activity for us toward the big adventure.  We’ve started moving and shaking, saying our good-byes, and getting rid of almost everything we own.  Ben sold his car and we’ve started donating/selling/schlepping our stuff out for good.  Caryl (Amanda’s wonderful mom) took a car-full of priceless items up to Oregon for us, we’ve given away art to friends, and the Haight Street Youth Center and Goodwill are better off for our travels.  Monday 10/29 Ben gave notice at work, and we gave notice to our landlord.  At this point we officially have 14 days until we hit the road and head north, parting ways with San Francisco for at least 15 months!

So while our mid-February departure is still a couple months away, the big steps are being taken now.  November has been a busy month, with Thanksgiving, traveling to say goodbye to friends and family, transitioning work, and moving.  But it will be a time of much excitement for us as well, so we are looking forward to it!