Wanderfull Transformations ~ 2015 

With nearly sixteen months of travel and countless kilometers logged we have arrived at a less nomadic chapter in our journey.  As we transitioned into a mostly sedentary lifestyle toward the end of 2014 we began to shift the Wanderfull mission from the ‘journey of travel’ to a broader ‘journey of life’.  Finding and honoring periods of stillness is a valuable and essential part of any larger journey; stillness to absorb and allow space for transformation and growth.

And this my friends is where we (and even our cyber presence at times) currently stands.  This stillness has allowed us to let the life, love, connections, and inspirations we found in all corners of the world really start to sink in. Over the past few months we have begun morphing the website from our story into a source for connection, inspiration, and creation on a global level.  With this we have also started to put into motion some beautiful ideas for mini-Wanderfull projects that are at various stages.

If you are interested in joining in on the collaboration of these projects or want to share your own wanderfull ideas with us please give us a shout at wanderfull.us@gmail.com.


Wandering Map ~ 2013 – 2014 

Wanderfull’s global adventure began with tentative plans, lots of ideas, and openness for the unknown.   A big part of the journey was going where the wind would take us and enjoying the lessons, people, nature, and even the obstacles that were a part of each step along the way.  The more we saw, discovered, and experienced the more we became aware of how much more there is to be seen and understood on a local, global, and universal scale.  We may have only scratched the surface but that is how every good wandering begins… with an itch and desire.