It’s not failure, it’s evolution.

It’s not failure, it’s evolution.

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For those of you who have been following us, our blog, and our travels, you know that we have now returned to the great land of the U. S. of A., yet our stories of travels in Southeast Asia (specifically Myanmar) were still slowly trickling in. Telling our story and sharing our adventure with others was something that was important to us during our travels – for ourselves, for those we love, and for strangers alike.  It wasn’t an easy task. We faced many obstacles (such as our computer breaking and us losing hours of written work), found ourselves disconnected (and unable to make posts), and had to develop a balance between planning the future, living in the present, and writing about our past.

Since returning home, life has been a whirlwind. Somehow being home and without full-time work, we still find ourselves feeling busier than we did when we were living the nomadic lifestyle bouncing from place to unknown place in countries where we sometimes only knew two words of the local language.  Adapting to the culture and lifestyle of ‘home’ mixed with projects we are working on and seeing family/friends has left us feeling depleted at times and wondering how the weeks of being back have gone by so fast.

Wanderfull Evolution


The direction of our blog was something we had discussed a few times before our return to North America. We knew inevitably that it would have to change, just as we had. We reflected on what we really wanted to share with the world moving forward and how we could best accomplish this. Being a month or so behind in our travel stories, we also discussed the possibility of wrapping things up and moving on without sharing some of our last destinations as a part of our blog.  We were torn on this part. One of us wanted to complete the story, from beginning to end, while the other wanted to move on. Together we worked through the possibility of the completion and agreed to support one another in aiming to finish sharing each place we had been together in our final months in Asia.

For some reason we both stuck to this plan and pushed forward with it, even when it brought frustration, dread, and added more stress to our lives than necessary. Week after week little progress was made on these final posts and the lack of motivation and passion behind the work that we had planned to carry out was increasingly apparent.  In the culture we were raised in, the idea of completion as a measure of success is something that is driven hard into our programming. We are taught we must finish all of our dinner, complete projects we start, stick with jobs (that we may not like), push through (sometimes clear resistance) to reach goals. And while there is something to be said about reaching goals and seeing things through there is also a lot that is not said about finding new directions and evolving with yourself, the project at hand, and the world around you.


Sometimes it takes a while for lessons in life to be learned and again for them to really sink in. We learned many lessons while traveling– lessons on life, on love, on people, on culture, on nature, and about ourselves. We adapted everyday just as the life around us did so as well.  After almost six weeks of being back, this was the lesson we had to sit down, take in, and apply: to let go of what was no longer serving us nor Wanderfull, and instead welcome the new direction and move forward.  In choosing not to continue a dragged-out string of concluding posts we are living a lesson we learned: it’s not failure, it’s evolution.


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