Wanderfull Holiday Giving 2014



Temp Girls Education Pads


Why the Page?

We’ve been asked by family and friends how they could manifest their appreciation for us this Christmas season, also knowns as “what do you want for Christmas?” 

Somewhere in Westerner’s hearts and minds there is an abundance of generosity at a crossroads with a sense of societal obligation.  Here is an outlet that can satisfy both parts, and do it better than any awesome sweater or new electronic item ever could.

While we’re not rolling in the dough at the moment, it’s hard not to be grateful for everything we already have: a welcoming and warm home, loving friends and family, plenty of healthy and delicious food, and good health with which to enjoy these aforementioned blessings.  So for this reason, we are encouraging friends and family to look at a way to help other people who do have needs that are not being met, and we are doing this by creating a holiday donation page on our website. 

Sanitary Pads for a Brighter Future


Provide sanitary pads for one girl for a full year of education.

Something so simple yet so powerful.  Many girls end up missing classes each month due to the fact that their family is unable to afford sanitary pads.  These missed days add up, girls fall behind in classes, and often they will end up leaving the education system completely.  Help a girl continue her studies by supporting her needs now through education, so she can support her children’s education as well.

The Gift of Supplies for Learning


Gift a child school supplies and a uniform for a Full Year

This small amount covers all the basics for one child for a full school year including: pens, pencils, notebooks, a school bag, a uniform, and a pair of shoes.  Kids love to learn and it only takes the basics for them to be able to participate in classes as well as take their lessons home with them in the evenings after class is out.

Keep Our Programs Afloat



Finance the organization’s staff in running all programs for one month.

For what it accomplishes, this is a small number, — but it can still mean a lot.  Many nonprofits struggle with making their administrative costs, as most donors prefer to send their dollars directly toward supplies, etc.  But by making this donation, you’ll be supporting the organization and helping to keep the doors open.  That means two of FYI’s smart and locally-educated employees will be working daily toward the goals of educating and empowering the next generation of kids in Githurai.


Choose your gift amount:

Every gift, large and small, goes a long way. And know that behind every gift is a load of gratitude and good karma coming your way. Be sure to check back to see your gift in action!Amount: USD