Happy 2013 — Tickets Booked!

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Over the last month Ben and I have settled at the Oregon coast.  After a couple weeks of decompressing from the past two chaotic months Pre-Bay Area departure and checking items off our To-Do list, we finally made the plunge and officially bought our travelers insurance and first tickets for the journey.

Tenative Dates:

Feb 8 – Fly to New York

Feb 9-20 – Explore NY with friends, do some work

Feb 21 -22  NY to Lisbon, 2 days exploring and couchsurfing

Feb 23??? Madrid & Beyond


First Tickets


There was lots of information to sift through in regards to travelers insurance — and after a couple days of research and weighing pros and cons we decided to go with STA Travelers Insurance.  A bonus to the great insurance — they offered to look into flights for us and were able to find a flight from New York to Madrid with a two day layover in Lisbon for a price lower than any we had found in hours of online searches.  Even bigger surprise here is you DON’T have to be a student or under 25 to qualify, as they now cater to ‘young professionals’ as well.  We may have scored booking tickets with them because of the travelers insurance. We are not exactly sure what the rules are, but we would highly recommend giving them a call when comparing options both for insurance and flights.

We spent the last couple weeks of the month celebrating with family–games, beach walks, and lots of good food.  Ben’s family and Amanda’s sister all made the trek up from California to visit.


Ben, Amanda, and Laynee with Ben's Parents Caryl and Allyson preparing Christmas Dinner

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