Team BAManda

Amanda was born in New York, but life in the Big Apple was brief.  She moved to the Pacific Northwest as a small child and spent most of her formative years in and around Portland, Oregon.  Next stop: UC Santa Barbara.  2 years Isla Vista parties filled her quota, so then ran away to Vancouver, BC for a year.  After a year of fun, hard studies, and rain she joined her sister on a graduation trip in Greece for a month before taking the plunge and moving to the Bay Area.  She finished school at UC Berkeley in 2008, and has called the Bay home since.

Ben is a Sonoma County native, growing up in the same house in Healdsburg from birth to 18.  After high school he also went to UC Santa Barbara, where he and Amanda crossed paths briefly.  Ben took a year abroad in Madrid, Spain, where he was able to connect with family and see more of Europe, and fall in love with travel.  After returning to UCSB to finish his degree, he ended up in San Francisco, where he got his Masters in Public Administration.  It was here that he and Amanda re-established their connection and began the adventure.  Next stop: greater Earth!

We’re really looking forward to getting out and traveling after a couple years with limited time exploring foreign cultures and landscapes.  We have created this space to document our adventure, share some of the world through our eyes, provide any useful info we come across, and inspire others.