A Home for the Holidays

A Home for the Holidays

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With the summer officially over and our travel schedule slowing down, we find ourselves to be continuing the vagabond lifestyle.  Through September we continued to bounce from one residence to another, yet doing so has been taking its toll. While Amanda has done an excellent job finding a job in her bliss niche; Ben is still looking–and with that we remain untethered.

In trying to piece together a happy place to call home for the re-established future in the US, we find ourselves still without a place to call our own–while the obligations of life back in the default world continue to press. With this in mind, we set our intentions that we wanted to find some kind of home. Working in its usual mysterious ways, the universe connected us with our friend Doug, who had an opening in his apartment. The appeal of living with a friend, living in a new-yet-familiar place, and having some semblance of a home for the holidays, we welcomed the opportunity to stay with our friend Doug through the remainder of the year.  So on that note, we say…

Welcome to Treasure Island!

Dancing Woman - Home for the Holidays - Oct 2014